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You will find examples of my work. 

I am open to commissions for writing many different types of music for concert hall, theatre and celebrations. Vocal music, music for dance and celebration, incidental music for plays and television, large orchestral works and small chamber forms. I like to work with other artists: solo musicians, choreographers, writers and lyricists. I am also a poet and lyricist.

Wedding music and arrangements also considered.


Recent announcements

  • Site updated Some links were broken.More coming soon!
    Posted 7 Jul 2013, 04:56 by Paul Williams
  • New pieces Brief visit to a strange planetString quartet #1 - 1st movement
    Posted 16 Feb 2013, 09:30 by Paul Williams
  • Double Spaced Awesome new Facebook group by G.T. Lines Double Spaced, author of "A woman scarred" A woman scarred
    Posted 12 Jan 2013, 03:12 by Paul Williams
  • Writing new children's book, with artwork by Craig Daly Collaborating with Craig Daly to start a new children's book. May even start a series. Illustration to be done by Craig Daly - see the Eweniverse. Watch this space!
    Posted 12 Jan 2013, 05:42 by Paul Williams
  • Up and Doing Write Note Theatre is writing incidental music for Ladies in Retirement at the Playhouse Theatre
    Posted 6 Nov 2012, 09:13 by Paul Williams
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